Kelly Walsh, a native of Palos Verdes, California, has always been an entrepreneur.

Owning her own business was never a question. Kelly worked as a personal trainer and massage therapist and always blended her own oils to insure that she was using only the highest quality products on her clients. She discovered many more benefits for sugar in her scrubs, and the demand grew fast for her one-of-a-kind formula.

She wanted to slow down with personal training and massage when she had kids so she became more and more excited about marketing her formulas. That is when she actually gave her products a name, and Soul Scents started in 1998. She started by mixing bigger batches and handing out samples to her friends and clients. She was given great press and the business grew quickly. Her main product is her famous whipped sugar scrub. She blends it in small batches, to insure that the formula is just right each and every time.

Her passion for fresh and natural ingredients to this day is her main goal. Creating scents and blends is what she has the most fun doing. Soul Scents product line has grown to include amazing hair, lip, and face products. Using any of Soul Scents products makes you feel pampered and happy.